Make The Right Wedding Jewelry for the Bride’s Special Day



Every bride should set a budget for her wedding attire and remain within that budget. Look around and research different stores and online resources. Bring a trusted friend with you, she will help you stay within your budget.

Keep in mind, that there are affordable stores that specialize in bridal jewelry. It may take several attempts to find the perfect, yet affordable, bridal jewelry set. The key is to find something suitable and affordable.

Have you considered making or designing your own bridal jewelry?

This is another affordable alternative that will also allow you to express your creativity. Visit bead shops and gem show, to find a beautiful strand of pearls or high quality Swarovski crystals.

Contact local designers and ask them to sketch a special design for you. Many jewelry artist will welcome the opportunity to create a unique wedding jewelry set.

Quality should never be compromised when it comes to wedding jewelry. The quality of the bridal jewelry should reflect the quality of the bridal gown. When searching for quality bridal jewelry, look for jewelry that is well made, durable, and attractive.

Style is an essential element to include when choosing a wedding jewelry set. The bridal jewelry needs to compliment and accentuate the gown. Incorporate the bridal jewelry with the theme of the wedding. Most importantly, the bridal jewelry set should reflect the bride’s personal style.

Here are some ideas that will surely help you decide the perfect bridal jewelry to enhance the wedding gown.

Sweetheart Gown
Can be complimented with a Y-drop, round or pendant necklace. A chokers is another beautiful alternative.

Open back Gown
Try a bridal lariat necklace with an embellishment that hangs in the back

Strapless Gown
This style of gown gives you the most options for wedding jewelry choices. These can include simple pendant, a Y-drop design, choker, and the single and double strand necklace.

Square Top Gown
This traditional style wedding dress can be enhanced by a simple single or double strand bridal necklace. Pearls can be a wonderful option.

V-necked Gown
A Y-drop bridal necklace will match the angle of the V-neck shape of the gown giving the dress a timeless dimension and design.

Scoop-necked Gown
A simple or a multi-strand necklace will perfectly frame out the top of the wedding dress.

Off Shoulder Gown
Any wedding jewelry necklaces works well with an off shoulder gown. For simplicity, choose the single or double stranded necklace. To add emphasis, use a choker. If you want to enhance your back, a Y-drop necklace is the best choice.