Jewelry Making Ideas and Inspirations

Welcome to North American Gem! This is my personal blog and website that showcases some tips and advice for any budding gemstone jewelry makers.

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Before you check out the rest of the website, I wanted to talk a little about jewelry making inspirations and ideas.

In essence, jewelry making ideas that enhance your creativity can be found everywhere. Whether you are a total beginner or have some experience in jewelry crafting, I hope this article will help you re-discover your creative touches!

This is a quote that completely expresses how I feel about the topic.

“The imagination exercises a powerful influence over every act of sense, thought, reason,– over every idea.”

Definitions of Inspiration – What is It?

  • Stimulation of the mind or emotions to a high level of feeling or activity.
  • Something, such as a sudden creative act or idea, that is inspired.

These are dictionary definitions, but what does it really mean? Where do we find our creative ideas, our intrinsic talent, our power to communicate our thoughts an feelings in our art?

Taking constant risk is essential for any artist to grow intellectually. There is no growth in staying always within what is safe and comfortable.


Get Inspired by the Things That Surround You.

I am constantly exploring, observing, testing, and learning from new jewelry making ideas. I am in a voyage of constant discovery and this is the way I always approach my designs.

Marcel Proust once said, “The voyage of discovery is not in seeking a new landscape but in having new eyes.”

I have the good fortune of being surrounded by children. They see every day with new eyes and they are teaching me to see beauty even in the most insignificant things. For example, they can point out details that I never notice and constantly open my eyes to new ideas.

When I walk, I now notice every branch, every pebble, and every leaf that is on the ground.

I pick them up and analyze them. I explore new possibilities for my jewelry making. I look for creativity everywhere. I notice the carpet in the movie theater, the colors of the sunset, the use of the Fibonacci Sequence or the golden rule of design.

More often than not, the sudden rush of adrenaline and stroke of inspiration may occur while you are doing seemingly mundane stuff.

I hope these tips help!

Feel free to share your ideas and methods to getting new ideas and creativity with us. I look forward to hearing from you!